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Founded by the visionary Oleathia "Butta B-Rocka" Robinson, Artists Rock the M-I-C isn't just an organization, it's a movement. They wield the power of music and art to empower artists and uplift communities, particularly focusing on the often-overlooked crisis of college student homelessness.

Two Engines for Change:

  • Artists Rock the M-I-C LLC: This commercial arm unites musicians across genres. Through electrifying benefit concerts, they raise awareness and critical resources (food, gas cards, clothing, and financial support) for homeless college students. Imagine a stage where national recording artists, international stars, and independent voices all join forces for a cause greater than themselves – that's the magic of Artists Rock the M-I-C concerts.

  • Artists Rock the MIC Foundation (Motivating Individuals in the Communities): This non-profit powerhouse extends their impact far beyond music. They actively participate in a variety of charitable endeavors:

    • Sweat for a Cause: They've tackled 5K races, raising crucial funds while promoting healthy living.

    • Stocking the Shelves: Can drives, food drives, and water drives ensure basic needs are met in struggling communities. (Highlight a specific accomplishment, e.g., "Their efforts brought 2,000 water bottles to Flint, MI during their critical water crisis.")

    • Partnerships for Progress: They collaborate with diverse organizations like "I Honor Your Service to America" (collecting toiletries for veterans), "I Will Survive Inc." (scarves, gas cards, and books for cancer patients), and "Refining Fire Atlanta Inc." (school supplies for foster care).

BBR Indie Films: Lights, Camera, Action for Change! This film production arm isn't just about creating movies, it's about amplifying the voices and stories of independent filmmakers. BBR Indie Films provides a platform for these creators to showcase their work, potentially reaching new audiences and igniting social change through the power of film. Imagine a world where independent voices can be heard, where stories can inspire, and where a love for film fuels positive action – that's the vision of BBR Indie Films, an integral part of the Artists Rock the M-I-C movement.

A Legacy of Impact:

  • Over 6,000 individuals have been directly supported by Artists Rock the M-I-C.

  • Through partnerships, their reach extends far beyond a single cause.

  • Mentorship programs empower young people, fostering a brighter future.

  • Charitable events: Participating in 5K races, food and water drives, and donation collections.

  • Supporting specific causes: Partnering with organizations like "I Honor Your Service to America" (toiletries for veterans), "I Will Survive Inc." (scarves, gas cards, books for cancer patients), and "Refining Fire Atlanta Inc." (school supplies for foster care and collecting school supplies).

  • Mentorship and performance: Donating time and talent to mentor and perform for audiences in need, including homeless college students and youth programs like HYPE (mentored over 500 kids).

  • Large-scale events: Contributing to events like the Atlanta Day of Hope, serving over 1500 homeless individuals.

  • Partnered with various organizations in the Metro-Atlanta area.

  • Provided a platform for artists to use their talents for social good.


Featured Artists and Panelists:

  • The foundation has collaborated with renowned artists and panelists including: Tony Terry (National Recording Artists), Ken Ford (Violinist), Beth Spangler (The Voice), Ryan Kilgore (Stevie Wonder Saxophone Player), Xavier Lewis (From America's Got Talent), Cristina Rae (From America’s got Talent), Franc West (The Voice), Brandon Blue Ft  Jazze Pha & Vawn Simms.

  • Ashley McFarlin: The Vice President of Development & Original Production for WEtv and ALLBlk

  • Chris Silber: Emmy Award-Winning Writer, Producer, Filmmaker, and Golden Globe Nominee

  • Barrett Dungy: Urban Home Entertainment Film Distributor and Executive Producer

  • Jason C. Louder: Actor, Teacher, Coach (seen on "BMF," "Black Lightning," "Wu-Tang: An American Saga," and more)

  • Maurice P. Kerry: Actor, Director, and Acting Coach (seen on "Atlanta," "The Waiting Room," "Law & Order: Organized Crime," and "The First Lady")

  • Mathew Steele: CEO/Founder of SteeleSync and Sync Spotlight

  • Aye Yo Kells: 10X Award-Winning Publicist

  • Gene Andrews: Arts and Cultural Commissioner

  • Michael McCoy: Film Investor and Executive Producer

  • Chantal Jones: Entertainment Attorney

  • Jase Dalyrimple: National Recording Artist in the R&B group “Soul For Real”

  • Tracey Love Graves: Actress (seen on “About Last Night,” “The Wedding Ringer,”  “Being Mary Jane,” and “Hawaii Five-O.”

  • Andrew Weaver: Music Supervisor

  • Rory Walker: Vivid Rich HQ Studio Owner

  • Brian Beegle: Casting Director

  • Nakia Dillard: Actor, Director, Writer

  • Aaron Johnson: Award-Winning Filmmaker (Peacock)

  • Cappriccieo Scates: Music Mogul Executive and UN Ambassador

  • Tobias Armand: Actor (seen on Black Panther)

  • LaTruth: National Recording Artist/Actor

  • Coach Martinez: Acting Coach, Actor and Founder of Actors Habitat

  • Crissy Collins: Actress and Recording Artist (Beyonce, Elton John, Monica, Fantasia, Luther Vandross, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Madea’s Family Reunion, Daddy’s Little Girls, and The Family That Preys Together)

  • Brianna Shelko: Level Up Music Production

  • Shaun Mathis: Director, Writer, Producer (STARZ, BET+ , AspireTV, Roku Apple TV, Amazon Prime and Tubi)


Artists Rock the M-I-C is more than an organization, it's a symphony of change, a testament to the transformative power of art, and a beacon of hope for those in need.

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