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Did you know there are over 13k

College Homeless Students in Atlanta alone?

Artists Rock the Mic (Motivating Individuals in the Communities) founded by Oleathia "Butta B-Rocka" Robinson is a powerful force for positive change in Atlanta. We leverage the talents of established and renowned figures in the entertainment industry – musicians, filmmakers, and more – to create impactful experiences that benefit a critical community need: supporting homeless college students.

Our Vision:

  • Uniting Artistic Expression: ARM fosters collaboration across artistic disciplines. Musicians rock the stage, while BBR Indie Films provides a platform for aspiring filmmakers to showcase their work. Through these diverse avenues, we raise awareness and inspire action.

  • Benefit Concerts with a Heart: We stage compelling concerts featuring established and independent artists. These events are more than entertainment – they're a vehicle for change, raising funds for homeless college students through donations of food, gas cards, clothing, and money.

  • Empowering the Next Generation: BBR Indie Films isn't just about entertainment. It's a valuable resource for filmmakers. Through bi-monthly screenings, networking opportunities, and panel discussions with industry professionals, BBR Indie Films equips aspiring creators with the knowledge and connections they need to succeed.

  • Direct Community Impact: Our commitment extends beyond the stage and screen. ARM actively participates in 5K races, food drives, and mentoring programs, providing direct support to homeless college students.


Join the Movement:


ARM offers a unique platform where artistic expression fuels positive social change. We invite you to be a part of the solution. Attend an event, donate, volunteer your talents, or spread the word.


Together, let's empower artists and uplift the lives of homeless college students.



Artists Rock the MIC tour coming soon.

Stay tuned for details and upcoming events


Tony Terry
Beth Spangler
Ken Ford
William Green
J Marie
Autumn Tuesdae
Kim Joyce
Franc West
Donyale Renee
Kayte Burgess
Charles Chaffer
Amyna Love
Shena Renee
Rae Evans
Mia LaQuan
Brittany Bloom
Angelina Sherie
The Black Bettys
Trev Wright
Kari Epps
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